Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world - Maria Montessori



La Petite Enfance Montessori School is proudly accomplishing the opportunity to offer you a top fidelity program, for children in ages 03 months old to 5 years, that promotes essential keys and principles of the Montessori Method Education, where the child is the center:


Scientific Pedagogy

A Sensorial Education that aims at early age harmonizes the child abilities and intellectual competences towards to elevate intelligence for a lifetime. A child Centered Educational Approach developed by Doctoressa Maria Montessori where the children’s education thrives under careful conditions offered by a prepared environment in conjunction with continuous scientific pedagogical observations supported by a prepared adult.

La Petite Enfance Montessori School (LPEMS) arranged our brand new environment to serve and embrace so that each place and learning material presented to a child are carefully chosen, planned and designed to achieve distinctive sensorial experiences essential for development, suitable for who the children are, to attend each age related developmental phases in its own progress, in order to promote age related spontaneous learning. A vital conditions, that will be particularly highlighted by daily observations of each child’s individual needs, expected to create an unique patterns required to be reached by a trained Montessori Educator who, exercising scientific observations, is capable to identify and sensitively to respond to all fundamental potentialities inspired by the pedagogical intelligence that are effective to assist each child sensitive periods of learning, growth, cognitive, motor, language, social and emotional needs.



The Child Absorbent Mind

During La Petite Enfance (a french term meaning: The Early Childhood) the CHILD MIND potential are UNLIMITED and ABSORBS UNCONSCIOUSLY without any effort EVERYTHING around the environment, and grows from there, spontaneously, from the moment of birth to approximately age 6. It’s an incredible responsibility for us, Montessori Educators, who understands the laws of growth and development to proper nurture and support each child with care, love and respect during this beautiful time of human life.


The Child Self Education

Montessori Education promotes inner auto education and independence for children who benefits from a well prepared environment and proper interactions conditions. For this purpose La Petite Enfance Montessori School is a child sized, child directed and age related environment designed so that any child can develop almost anything independently and freely. To become self educated a child needs to have many spontaneous opportunities to learn, to be productive and to achieve challenges beyond perceptions that captures their interest and curiosity. A continuous motion to absorb, to interact, to develop concentration towards perfect own cognitive, motor skills abilities and coordinations. A natural path to regulate an immature brain during the process of learning and development. Our open-concept environment is designed so that the children may observe one another, observe the adults and oneself with the main goal to self guide learn, to successful move around, to complete transitions, to manipulate, and to explore many own capabilities without constantly interruptions and any barriers. A proper environment that also soothes and naturally encourages emotional characteristics of peaceful, interpersonal skills, wellbeing and self confidence for life as respect, grace and courtesy are main foundations of this particular learning process.


The Prepared Environment

Everything about Montessori Education are intrinsically related to a Well Prepared Environment. La Petite Enfance Montessori School highlights our thoughtful prepared environment to beauty, to order and to age appropriate mixed grouping that continuously provides developmental and learning experiences of access, choices, quality explorations, independence, discovery and freedom. A journey throughout non stop absorptions and interactions within the environment that calls for the children to be PEACEFUL and ACTIVE, at the same time, and also requires our environment to grow as all children needs grows as each child is constantly in fast development. A place created to meet individual needs, that ultimately goes beyond indications of a physical space preparation, while each child around is encouraged to be engaged with a particular purpose and still be attentive within the world around them.


The Trained Montessori Teacher

La Petite Enfance Montessori School strong values the unique training in the age level received on a Montessori Educator credentialed by: AMS (American Montessori Society) – our primary association – by AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) or by any Montessori teacher education program that are accredited by MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education). A trained Montessori teacher is essential to validate a high quality program and to foster the entire processes that enable the child to develop naturally in a Montessori Educational Care. A strong reason recognized by our school that was born committed to also support Montessori studies for candidates we may hire that fits into our own journey and requirements towards to become a credentialed Montessori Educator.


The Montessori Materials

La Petite Enfance Montessori School is committed to provide unique quality Montessori Materials that are true to the method and is intended to navigates between Montessori commercialized products in woodwork material but strong values quality handmade goods as strongly as defined in our curriculum areas and are considered a standard feature in Montessori classrooms essential on the sensorial learning.

An effort to establish features and variations of the educational materials offered by each age of related development that are also intended to give children some choices about what work they do and when they do. The descriptions of each material exposed as necessary, desirable, acceptable, or best avoided is defined by the first plan of development in order of designed experiences that progress and boost growth. Children need hands-on, real experiences to become the innovators and engineers of tomorrow. Using authentic tools and proper materials gives children a feeling of competence and achievement