Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world - Maria Montessori

Mission and core

Our Mission is to provide sustainable opportunities that follows and values the unique child natural engagement, evokes age related independent learning trough compelling active choices, and nurture spontaneous sensorial activities that are a base necessity to becoming a lifelong learner.  In a world that learning and knowledge have no end we are committed to support appropriate steps of development that thrives into equilibrium of the child absorbent mind, while their body continuously grows, exercises, discovers, explores and master complex phases, day to day, towards the early educational conceptions.


France Endreffy


(AMS Credentialed)




Zoltan Endreffy








Renato Valentim





Zoltan Endreffy





Maria DeAndrade








History overview

The child’s organic fast development of the engaged mind-body responses immersed in the process of learning from sensorial hands-on experiences, within everything that involves this amazing journey, is a long passion held with love and in high regard in France Endreffy’s heart. Her Montessori Education’s first connection was made throughout her motherhood. With her firstborn son. More than a decade of deep immersion, in the path of professional qualifications, validated her inner calling in life toward to serve many children as possible and reaching her potential as a Montessori Educator.


Therefore La Petite Enfance Montessori School was born in Oct 2019 particularly committed to following Maria Montessori path to transform children’s lives during their early education years. Now, it’s delivered to our community as a happy place ready to nurture educational care for all children. A concrete and proud reality thanks to a strong, insightful, connected, and wholehearted teamwork that is united in a greater purpose of making this dream come true:

Montessori Educational Authentic Program and Environmental Designer: France Endreffy.

Business Partner, Contributor, Contractor, and Maintenance: Zoltan Endreffy.

Co-founders Collaborators: Professor and Dr. Alessandra Garcia and Professor and Dr. Emerson Garcia. Their high-level insights helped solidify the refinement of our administrative implementation and leadership viewpoints on early education.

Business Partner, Entrepreneur, and Benefactor: Renato Valentim.


A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

John Lennon.