A Montessori journey to first steps in education.
A Montessori journey to first steps in education.

About Us

In a world where learning and knowledge have no end, we are committed to supporting suitable developmental stages that blossom into an equilibrium of the child’s absorbent mind. At the same time, their body continuously grows, exercises, discovers, explores, and masters complex phases, day-to-day, towards the early educational conceptions.

Our story

The swift, organic development of engaged mind-body responses in children, immersed in learning from Montessori’s hands-on and sensorial pedagogical experiences, encapsulated France Endreffy’s incredible journey and deeply held a passion in her heart, regarded with love and esteem for early education. France Endreffy’s first encounter with Montessori Education occurred during her motherhood with her firstborn son, back in August of 2010, with more than a decade of intense immersion in the route to professional qualifications substantiating her life’s inner calling from Journalism to serve as many children as possible and realize her potential as a true Montessori educator.

Why Montessori?

Young Minds

At La Petite Enfance Montessori School, we are delighted to present a dedicated program focused on children from 3 months to 5 years of age. It incorporates the values and principles imperative to the Montessori Method, where the child is genuinely the center.


In Montessori education, we acknowledge that children learn better when they have the freedom to explore, experiment, interact, feel, and discover at their own pace. In a prepared, calm, and organized environment, we encourage independence and intrinsic motivation in learning choices.

Nurturing Self-Confidence

Research shows that children exposed to the Montessori Method develop self-confidence, independence, and a long-lasting love for learning. Practical materials and immersive activities in the classroom stimulate creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and social skills.