Scientific Pedagogy

ensorial Education aims to harmonize a child’s abilities and intellectual competencies at an early stage of development to elevate intelligence and body dominance for a lifetime. A child-centered educational approach developed by Doctoressa Maria Montessori emphasizes children’s education as they thrive under carefully prepared conditions, in conjunction with continuous scientific-pedagogical observations supported by a prepared adult. 

La Petite Enfance Montessori School (LPEMS) has arranged our brand-new open-concept environment to serve and embrace, ensuring each place and learning material presented to a child is carefully chosen, planned, and designed to provide distinctive sensory experiences essential for development. We arranged a place suitable for children in the early childhood, attending to each age-related developmental phase in its procession.

Ready to promote spontaneous learning in a vital emphasized condition expected for children needs to thrive.

Daily observations of each child are expected to create unique patterns to be identified by a trained Montessori Educator. This educator, utilizing scientific observations, is capable of identifying and sensitively responding to all fundamental potentialities inspired by the pedagogical intelligence and the lasting impact in a particular stage in the child development. This intelligence proves effective in assisting each child through their five main sensitive periods: order, language, sensory, skills, movement and social skills.


During La Petite Enfance (a French term meaning early childhood), the child’s mind potential is UNLIMITED and ABSORBS UNCONSCIOUSLY without any effort in EVERYTHING around the environment. It grows from there, spontaneously, from birth to approximately age 3 when the absorption becomes conscious from 3 until 6 years of life. It’s an incredible responsibility for us, Montessori Educators, who understand the laws of growth and development, to properly nurture and support each child with care, love, and respect during this beautiful time of human life.


Montessori Education encourages internal self-education and independence in children who benefit from a well-prepared environment and appropriate interaction conditions. La Petite Enfance Montessori School offers a child-sized, child-led, and age-appropriate environment designed to allow every child to develop nearly anything autonomously and unhindered. For a child to self-educate, they require numerous spontaneous learning opportunities, chances to be productive, and tasks that challenge their perceptions, attracting their interest and curiosity. A constant motion is necessary to absorb, interact, and develop concentration towards perfecting cognitive and motor skills, capabilities, and coordination. This becomes a natural way to moderate an undeveloped brain during learning and development. Our open-concept environment is organized so that children can broaden their insight and observe each other, adults, and themselves, with the main objective being self-guidance, learning, moving successfully, completing transitions, manipulating, and exploring their abilities without constant interruptions. This environment soothes and naturally encourages far and near vision development, peaceful emotional characteristics, interpersonal skills, well-being, and self-confidence for life. Respect, grace, and courtesy are the central pillars of this learning process.


Everything about Montessori education is intrinsically linked to its well-prepared environment. La Petite Enfance Montessori School emphasizes our thoughtful, up-to-date newest construction with adherence to Massachusetts’ newest Building Code, with fresh air system, Montessori Architecture Design, Lead-Free, Pest-Free, with brand-new up-to-date furniture and materials, indoor natural light, indoor natural plants, in a well prepared and safe environment that values beauty, order, and age-appropriate mixed grouping. This consistently provides developmental and learning experiences of access, choices, quality explorations, independence, discovery, and freedom. It is a daily journey of endless absorption and interaction within the environment, calling for the children to be, SOCIAL, PEACEFUL and ACTIVE simultaneously. Moreover, it necessitates our environment to evolve as the needs of all children grow, and each child is constantly developing. This is a space designed to meet individual needs and goes beyond the mere preparation of physical space. Simultaneously, each child present is encouraged to engage with a specific purpose and remain attentive to the world around them.

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